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This is going to a fun week for my wife and I.  Get to do a bit traveling around.

Monday I will talk about Swiss Gold Global.

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in the Grand Canyon, taking a look around at the village there.

Thursday will be a TripleClicks article.

Friday will be about the virtues of email marketing.

This past week we received our commissions report from SFI, as we do every month at this time.  Swiss Gold has been paying regularly in bitcoin, and we transferred some over to our payment processor.  So onward and upward in working the laptop lifestyle.

Have a great week!



TripleClicks Thursday

TC header image

If you have not heard of TripleClicks, it is the online shopping venue of SFI.  They have almost 100,000 items you can browse around and shop.

They accept credits cards and bitcoin for payments, making very easy to purchase.

Pricebenders auctions are penny auctions that you can bid on and win all kinds of different products.  Most items sell for over 95% off retail price, plus the cost of bids.

Eager Zebra games have games like Knockout Trivia, Grandmaster Poker, Zackjack, Pick the Price, T-Time, Time Machine and Gold Streak, with more on the way.

They are a little different than the Facebook Casinos or Candy Crushes, but they are fun.

You have to become a member like any other site, but that is quite normal.  Coming soon will be the reintroduction of the ECA program where you can sell your own products, with a free website.

And new this year is the loyalty program with Rewardical Tokens which you can earn with any purchase.  Probably soon you will be able to earn them when you play games or bid in the auctions.  They can be redeemed for various things, including Bitcoin!

There is a Rewardical link on the side panel here with a promo code where you can get 25 free tokens when you sign up….if you are already not a member.

More detail will come each because there is just a lot here.  A lot of the direct game links are here on the side if you want to check them out.


Every week, there is a new TripleClicks direct product, and here is this weeks’.

Nomu S10 Waterproof Android Quad Core 4G Smartphone— $140.24 (Save 8%!)

Tougher, stronger, smarter: rethink what a rugged phone can offer with the Nomu S10 Waterproof Android Quad Core 4G Smartphone ! A 5-inch IPS screen with 1280×720 resolution covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 provides sharp, crisp images and added protection when you’re on the go; while the quad core processor and 2GB RAM handles all your media…
Nomu S10 Waterproof Android Quad Core 4G Smartphone

Tougher, stronger, smarter: rethink what a rugged phone can offer with the Nomu S10 Waterproof Android Quad Core 4G Smartphone! A 5-inch IPS screen with 1280×720 resolution covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 provides sharp, crisp images and added protection when you’re on the go; while the quad core processor and 2GB RAM handles all your media and gaming needs. The Nomu S10 also features a large 5000mAh battery for hours of uninterrupted usage and Quick Charge technology to get your phone back up and running quickly when it does need recharging.

* Color: Black and orange
* Screen size: 5.0 inches
* Screen: Capacitive touch screen, multi-touch
* Resolution: 720*1280 pixels
* OS: Android 6.0
* CPU: MTK6737T Quad core
* RAM: 2GB
* Memory: 16GB
* Extended memory: 32GB
* Support functions: gravity sensor, light and distance sensor, geomagnetic sensor, quick charging
* Display Resolution: 1280×720
* Talk time: 2-4 hours
* GPS: Yes
* Bluetooth: Yes
* WIFI: Yes
* Camera: 5MP front camera; 13MP rear camera
* Network standard: 3G:WCDMA/2G:GSM/4G:LTE
* SIM Card: Dual Nano SIM Card(SIM1 default 4G)or Nano SIM+MicroSD
* Battery: 5000mAh battery (MAX)
* Language: Multi Language support
* Other functions: Calculators, alarm, clock, calendar, recorder, waterproof, OTG, etc.
* Weight: 0.6kg
* Dimensions: 146.6×75.9×13.95mm

In the box:
* Nomu S10 phone
* Battery
* USB cable
* Charger
* USB cable
* User Manual



Mining…not purchasing


I personally do not purchase bitcoin as an investment, hoping it will rise to huge amounts, and then try and cash out.  Just like the stock market, you have no idea where it is going really.

Most people suggest up, and hopefully they are right.  But it is getting so expensive, that some people just don’t even bother investigating how they might get in on this as an “investment” strategy.

That is why I do mining of bitcoin.  Currently, I earn bitcoin every day regardless of whether the price goes up or down.  You do that by purchasing mining contracts;  and you don’t have to limit yourself to just bitcoin.  I have ethereum and monero coins as well, and then I get paid out in bitcoin.

This way, small investors can get started to see how it works  –  as little as $30 contracts.

For more information, you can click here.   Check it out and get in on the opportunity that everyone is talking about.   And they have a gold and silver savings program as well.

Low Risk Investment


Why SFI?  Because it works if you work at it.  You can get started without any financial investment;  all you need is your time.

Are you looking for a way to earn money online?  There are lots of options that that exist out there  –  and a lot that say you can earn 1% – 3% per day.  Be careful.  Probably not what you want to invest in if you can’t afford to lose money.

There are close to 100,000 different products you can sell from your blog or website;  the choice is entirely up to you.

And when you have questions, you will have a sponsor, or upline, that will help you if you ask.  Plus an amazing forum….not like you see elsewhere.  This one is frequented by the owner himself who answers all kinds of questions.

Click on my website to get registered today, and start learning how to build your own home based business.



12 days..and then Christmas

merry christmas jesus


And honestly, without his guidance, I am nothing.  Everything I do comes from him.  He has given me the gift of patience and some wisdom, and has guided me in my efforts to do what I have wanted….retire with an income for life.

I still have the work to do….I can’t just sit back and do nothing.  But I know his guidance is always with me.  And because of that, one of our goals is to help other people achieve their desires through whatever I can teach them and help them.

If you are struggling financially, or worried about your financial future, take a look at how I am earning today;  and know that you can too, if you want.


As Bitcoin continues to rise…


… the skeptics are sure to point out the inevitable crash of the crypto currency in the near future.

They talk about the bitcoin bubble, and how there is no way it can last.

Maybe.  Probably.  A crash of some sort would not be unrealistic.  But I don’t think it will burst into nothing.  But people are beginning to realize that a shift in the business of finance is coming.  And the establishment does not like it one bit.

But with the announcement that bitcoins are going to be listed on futures exchanges is only going to propel the currency higher…..BUT…..that will probably mean more volatility in the market.

That is because the big time players who do futures may not even own Bitcoin, but simply speculate on what the price will be.  Just like the oil market.

Futures for oil contracts are not generally held by companies who purchase fuel…they are held by investors whose sole purpose is to bet on the price of the commodity.  And their actions can influence the price of the commodity dramatically.  Most people don’t even understand the concept…but a lot of the world pricing on commodities like oil, wheat, corn, soy are based on investors making a bet;  not even on real world supply and demand of the actual product.  And we the consumers pay the price.

Bitcoin and crypto currencies are fighting back.  I just hope the futures market doesn’t corrupt it.



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