It’s never easy

Working online that is.  Most places that you find with offers have all these promises of free this and free that, and then you can earn thousands of dollars per day.


If you want to make thousands of dollars per day, you need products and customers.  If you don’t have any, how do go about finding them?

Well, just advertise on your Facebook or Twitter  –  eventually they will come.  Then you see screen shots of people making lots of sales, but they probably already had a list of customers, plus they had to spend a lot of money to upgrade to a higher product sale, which a lot of people can’t do.

Just seems like a big circle game sometimes.

If you have no idea how to work online, but you would like to learn, I have got a place for you to try out.  No promises of huge incomes just for signing up.  Anyone who understands business knows that when you start your own business, it takes time to build a customer base that will trust you and buy from you.

We have 2 internet marketing courses completely free;  one has 90 lessons, the other currently has 38 with more coming.  Always free, 24/7 access for you.

We have dozens of marketing aids;  splash pages, memes, gateways, text ads, banners;  not just 3 or 4

No need to join another 2 or 3 Facebook groups to get help.  We have our own online forum for people to get help.

There is a huge learning program that will help you learn the system at your own pace, for free.

We have thousands of products that you can sell on a blog, or a website if you have one.

You have access to the entire site for free.  No VIP memberships to pay.

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My Journey through Online Marketing

I started with online marketing in January of 2010.  It was totally out of a frustration realizing that my retirement plans just did not have enough funds there to even let me retire.

Meaning, I might have to stay working forever!!!  Things just did not work out as planned, and the current system of our government pension plus what I was trying to save was not going to work.

So, I joined up with a company that month, one who I am still with.  And it took me almost 2 -1/2 years to get my first signup that was actually interested in working the program.

What I learned in that time is that most people join these programs and think money is going to fall from sky, right into their pocket!  And it got very frustrating, because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

What I finally understood was that the most important job you can have in this business is to keep looking for people who are interested, and understand what it takes to actually own an online business.

So many scammers out there prey upon those people that don’t understand this, and make them promises of easy money with little or no effort, and then they wind up taking their money and moving on to the next offer they have.

I’ve had my share of losses, precisely because I fall victim to some of the smooth talkers out there.

The program I joined in 2010 is very honest, and does exactly what they claim.  You have to do the work, and they make no promises of easy money.  But, if you keep on recruiting to find people, and then help them learn the program, it does work.

But, you need multiple streams of income if you want to be able to do this full time.  So I keep researching the internet looking for something.  I have joined a couple of new ones recently that seem to have potential, and that is encouraging.

However, there are always ups and downs in online marketing.  I wish it were not that way but it is.  My goal is to try and share those opportunities that I think people can benefit from.

If you are interested in learning how to earn some money online, please drop me a line at my email.

I will be happy to share my opportunities with you and help you get started on a path towards earning extra money from home.

By the way, you can do any of these things part time, learn how they work, and grow into them.  All of the have some great training inside each program, if you are willing to learn.


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Yes, you read that correctly.  When you signup to my team today, you will be able to select a list of 12 people who have also joined the program within the last 48 hours to be members of your team!  No questions asked.

They are called CSA’s, or Co-Sponsored Affiliates.  You will be eligible to earn 15% commissions on any purchases they make for life providing you yourself commit to being an Executive Affiliate every month.

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A Simple Plan

Do you want a simple plan to follow that is easy and fun to do?

Making money online requires that you sell stuff….lots of it, over and over again. And you have to find customers to sell that stuff to.

You are not going to get a lot of money by just clicking links and viewing ads.

I have a simple plan that can be done by anyone.  It is easy to duplicate, and share with anyone.  It will involve playing some games and bidding on penny auctions, all for fun.

But if you share this simple plan, and build a team, wow, you can earn some nice money.  Not overnight, but it can build up over time.

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Broke newbie bags $296.88 in 48 hours using this 1 weird trick

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