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SFI have been around since 1998.  Not many online internet opportunities can say that.  They have stood the test of time because they are honest, and deliver what they promise.

Most people don’t want to run a business.  They just want some extra money.  And a lot of internet marketers capitalize on that by making promises of getting a lot of money real fast.  And they make it sound easy.  And they are so willing to help.

That is one reason why people are so skeptical of online marketing, or network marketing.

If you need or want some extra income, how are you going to do that?  If you are already working, you have limited options really.  I worked for 42 years….I know what happens.  And my job certainly did not make me rich.  It made other people rich, but not me.

Having your own business is really the best way.  But it can cost a lot to get going…you probably have to quit your current job and hope that the business can pay you to survive.  Or maybe you just need it as a second income.

Network Marketing is the cheapest and easiest way to get started with your own home business, with the possibilities of a nice income if you work at it.

SFI can provide everything you need to get started.  It will take time, but there is a lot of help here, so no one has to be alone or get left behind.

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Some networking thoughts…


We all get to encounter obstacles in our path to building our team. By that I mean, people think network marketing is a scam, you can’t earn money, only people at the top make anything…and so on.
With SFI, nothing could be further from the truth. But first, a few basics. Network marketing is really commission based marketing, and nothing more. Any legal network marketing company takes a percentage of sales, or profits, and pays them back out as commissions.
Offline stores that have sales people paid on a commission basis do this as well. This is nothing new in the world of sales. A networking marketing opportunity is only a scam or ponzi scheme if you are required to pay a monthly fee to be a member, and there are no real products to purchase after that. And you have to beware, because some schemes suggest they have products, which they might loosely call investments, trying to disguise the true nature of their business. Which is simply to get your money away from you and into their bank accounts.
SFI has real products. Even the TCredits are real products, because you can use them to bid on penny auctions or play eager zebra games. Not to mention the tens of thousands of other products they have you could sell to earn commissions.
Another aspect here is the home business side of it. Not everyone wants to own their own business of any kind. They might sign up to see if they can make some quick money, but they never were really interested in starting their own business. That is something you have to realize when you talk to your PSA’s, CSA’s or your downline. Especially ones who have not logged in for awhile. You need to look for ones that want to start their own business.
But this business opportunity can be run from home very easily as most of you know. Once you know how SFI and TripleClicks works, it is not complicated at all. The focus of my BTL Platform is to uncomplicate whats needs to be done to earn an income. All the other stuff, Pricebenders, games, Localvantia are just bonuses; learning how they work is great. But you might scare people away if they think they have to read up on SFI for 6 months before they even consider how they might earn an income.
New affiliates don’t need to know everything; if they are interested in their own business, they just want to know how to get started. And you (we) can help, right?
Join my team at SFI and find out more.  We are building and home based income stream for everyone who is interested.  Click the image below to get started:
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The BTL Platform for 2018


I have been with SFI since January 2010.  When they introduced the TripleClicks Executive Pool as part of their compensation plan, that is where I put most of focus when teaching my recruits what I do to earn an income.

SFI has lots of different things going on, like Pricebenders penny auctions, Eager Zebra games, the entire TripleClicks store of almost 100,000 items where anyone can become an affiliate and earn commission by selling any of those products on their social media outlets or blogs or websites.

Add to that an ECA program where you can sell your own products by having your own store within TripleClicks, and the new Localvantia program where merchants can offer something called Rewardical tokens to shoppers;  these tokens can be redeemed in SFI or TripleClicks for different things, including, Bitcoin.

There is simply a lot going on in this program.  But my focus has been on the Executive Pool, or profit sharing.   40% of all commissions paid go into the pool to be shared by all affiliates who reach a certain rank.  Your rank is determined by how many Versa Points you earn in a month.   The ranks range from Affiliate, to Executive Affiliate, to Bronze Team Leader, and so on up to Diamond Team Leader.

You can earn more Versa Points from members in your downline up to 12 levels based on their ranks that have been achieved by them.  You get paid on all those points earned from the profit sharing pool.

The BTL Platform for 2018 will detail how to reach that rank easily, and how to show any recruits you sign up the same process.  It is a very easy home business program, but one that can be very lucrative over time.

You can start your own home based business part time whenever you want, and start learning the program in your spare time.

For more info, go to my website and click on he Join My Team banner.  Our team would be happy to help you get started creating your own home based business.



As the Year End approaches…


Are you thinking about different ways you can earn some more income?

Ask for a raise?

Get a different job?

Get another job?

Go back to school and learn a different career?

Start your own business?

Which one do you think will earn you more income?

Well, if you want to start your own business, I have just the option for you.  Start at home in your spare time.  Learn the business, start applying what you have learned, and start building your own business.

From the comfort of your own home.  No startup costs.  No offices to lease.  No employees to hire.  No inventory to buy.

Opportunity is knocking.  Open the door and find out how.


Low Risk Investment


Why SFI?  Because it works if you work at it.  You can get started without any financial investment;  all you need is your time.

Are you looking for a way to earn money online?  There are lots of options that that exist out there  –  and a lot that say you can earn 1% – 3% per day.  Be careful.  Probably not what you want to invest in if you can’t afford to lose money.

There are close to 100,000 different products you can sell from your blog or website;  the choice is entirely up to you.

And when you have questions, you will have a sponsor, or upline, that will help you if you ask.  Plus an amazing forum….not like you see elsewhere.  This one is frequented by the owner himself who answers all kinds of questions.

Click on my website to get registered today, and start learning how to build your own home based business.