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The BTL Platform for 2018


I have been with SFI since January 2010.  When they introduced the TripleClicks Executive Pool as part of their compensation plan, that is where I put most of focus when teaching my recruits what I do to earn an income.

SFI has lots of different things going on, like Pricebenders penny auctions, Eager Zebra games, the entire TripleClicks store of almost 100,000 items where anyone can become an affiliate and earn commission by selling any of those products on their social media outlets or blogs or websites.

Add to that an ECA program where you can sell your own products by having your own store within TripleClicks, and the new Localvantia program where merchants can offer something called Rewardical tokens to shoppers;  these tokens can be redeemed in SFI or TripleClicks for different things, including, Bitcoin.

There is simply a lot going on in this program.  But my focus has been on the Executive Pool, or profit sharing.   40% of all commissions paid go into the pool to be shared by all affiliates who reach a certain rank.  Your rank is determined by how many Versa Points you earn in a month.   The ranks range from Affiliate, to Executive Affiliate, to Bronze Team Leader, and so on up to Diamond Team Leader.

You can earn more Versa Points from members in your downline up to 12 levels based on their ranks that have been achieved by them.  You get paid on all those points earned from the profit sharing pool.

The BTL Platform for 2018 will detail how to reach that rank easily, and how to show any recruits you sign up the same process.  It is a very easy home business program, but one that can be very lucrative over time.

You can start your own home based business part time whenever you want, and start learning the program in your spare time.

For more info, go to my website and click on he Join My Team banner.  Our team would be happy to help you get started creating your own home based business.



As the Year End approaches…


Are you thinking about different ways you can earn some more income?

Ask for a raise?

Get a different job?

Get another job?

Go back to school and learn a different career?

Start your own business?

Which one do you think will earn you more income?

Well, if you want to start your own business, I have just the option for you.  Start at home in your spare time.  Learn the business, start applying what you have learned, and start building your own business.

From the comfort of your own home.  No startup costs.  No offices to lease.  No employees to hire.  No inventory to buy.

Opportunity is knocking.  Open the door and find out how.


12 days..and then Christmas

merry christmas jesus


And honestly, without his guidance, I am nothing.  Everything I do comes from him.  He has given me the gift of patience and some wisdom, and has guided me in my efforts to do what I have wanted….retire with an income for life.

I still have the work to do….I can’t just sit back and do nothing.  But I know his guidance is always with me.  And because of that, one of our goals is to help other people achieve their desires through whatever I can teach them and help them.

If you are struggling financially, or worried about your financial future, take a look at how I am earning today;  and know that you can too, if you want.