Building Your Retirement Residual Income

Network Marketing PHF


Want to make a difference in your monthly income?  Do you have a plan for your retirement income?

The financial sector really isn’t going to give you enough interest to build a retirement income for you to live comfortably.  You had better plan for that yourself.

Retirement pension plans just don’t pay enough interest anymore, and so it gets harder and harder to save up enough to retire.

We are in several programs but this one we share today is one that can return huge money over time….continually.  That’s why it is a residual income generator.

The Powerhouse Feeder Matrix is designed to take a $7 investment, and once your 8th level of the matrix is completed, you will have earned $4456.  Plus, you will have received 893 new matrix positions on which each of them will return the same $4456 when all 8 levels have been completed.

Does it happen overnight?  Of course not.  Does your bank double your deposits in 7 days?  Just ask them, and see what they say!!  Not on your life.

The Powerhouse Feeder Matrix  has 8 levels, each with 12 positions in it.  On the first level, once 12 positions have been completed, you will make $15, 1 entry into Matrix 2, and 3 entries into Matrix 1.   That is over a 100% return on your investment in cash only, let alone the extra entries back into the matrix!!

Now, this will take time for those 12 positions to fill up.  Each member that buys a $7 position helps to fill other members positions in the program.  So if you buy more than on position, you are helping the whole program to grow.

Just like any other business, it needs sales to grow and create revenue.  Look at this program as long term investment.  You don’t necessarily have to set it and forget it.  Advertise the program to all your social media contacts and your email lists.

Remember, for every $7 position, you will then receive $4465 back in cash earnings.  Ask your bank how many decades that would take for them to do that for you!!!

Can all of else help that grow faster?  Sure, and I’ll talk about that in my next posting.

Have a great day everyone!!





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