Owning Your Own Business

Have you ever been interested in owning your own business?  What would it take to actually get started?  What type of business would you like to own?

All very good questions, and ones you obviously have to ask yourself if you are serious about that.

Owning your own business can help you get back to owning your life, rather than working for someone else, and not getting ahead in life to where you want to be.

Of course, your own business can be very time consuming.  First, you need products, or a service you can sell.  If you want to sell products, then you might need a store to sell them from.  If you have a service, then you have to have a place where you can provide the service  –  unless you actually go to a customers home – in which case you probably only need an office.

How much money would you have to spend to set up an office, or a store?  How much would you have to pay every month just to maintain  the office?  With things like rent, insurance, maybe some employees, license fees from the government.  Oh, and maybe finding some customers who want to buy your products or service.

OK, well let’s just go work for someone else, because that sounds like just way to much work, and will probably cost me a lot of money.

Except that……so many people are making money online….why not you?

Why not have your own online business, where the monthly costs are minimal, you have thousands of different products you can sell, you get to work from home, you can work in your spare time, you don’t have to give up your current income to get started…

Well, I guess because that sounds like work too.  Sounds like I need money.  Sounds like I need to spend more time to get something done.  I’d rather watch TV or go out for dinner.

OK, I get that.  But……

If you want to plan your own path in life, rather than let your job dictate what you can do;  if you want to find more time to spend with your family, or maybe do some traveling;  if working one, two or maybe even three jobs is too much, then let me know.

If you want to start your own business, then let me know.





Starting Fresh

The New Year is almost here, and with it comes the hope of all of our resolutions that we make;  that they actually make a positive difference in our lives.

My retirement is coming this year, and my dream is to travel, and have income derived from internet businesses.  Things are looking pretty good so far.

The internet can provide anyone an opportunity to start their own business and earn an income  –  unfortunately there a lot of scams out there, and people regularly get caught in them.

I now have 3 opportunities that provide with income, and they are very good choices out there.  I have had my share of disappointments, but the New Year brings the hope that I have gotten past those problems, and bigger and better things lie ahead.

And now, I hope to post regularly in 2017 to help anyone who is interested get started in their own online business.

Have a great New Years’ and we will talk to you real soon!