Willow Cottage Watch Collection


This is my watch collection from Willow Cottage Marketplace and TripleClicks.


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Willow Cottage Marketplace


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This is my store that I have on Facebook.  And a You Tube channel.

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How is your retirement looking?

Seven years ago, mine looked pretty bleak.  I really had no idea how I was going to actually survive when I was supposed to retire in about 12 years.

Since then, I have built up an online business to where Retirement With An Income Life is now my motto…..my mantra.

It wasn’t easy, because online marketing never is.  You certainly have to have a thick skin, don’t give up attitude, because without it, nothing will happen for you.

July is going to be a great month, as I see great things happening in SFI and MPA.  We are going to grow these businesses to a higher level in July, and that is a for sure thing.  All our patience, but hard work, is starting to pay off!

If you’re interested in seeing what we do, check out http://www.laingsco.ca!