Want your own business?

A lot of people think they do….until they realize all the work involved.  My wife and I started one up in 2000.

It takes a lot of money to get going…finding a place to rent or lease to operate your business.  Renovation costs to get it set up right with furniture and accessories.

Buying inventory so you have products to sell.  Hiring employees to work for you.

Then you have the ongoing monthly costs of rent, payroll taxes for employees, and all kinds of other fees you need to pay.  Plus, your sales market is limited to your local shopping area.

When you work from home, most of that goes away.  No rent to pay, probably no employees to pay, no fees to pay….and if you do it right, no inventory to purchase.

We now work from home on a part time basis, building towards full time.  One of our programs, SFI, currently has over 90,000 items that I can sell to anyone all over the world.

It does take work getting started, but once you are going and start making a few sales, or some kind of progress, it can be addictive!

SFI is a lot of fun, because for one thing, I get to meet people from all over the world.  How else can you do that?

I am currently a Gold Team Leader, which means I get some extra benefits in the profit sharing program.  40% of all the sales made in SFI go into the profit sharing program for everyone to benefit….meaning everyone who makes sales is helping everyone else who is in the program.

Owning your own business by working from home has a lot of benefits;  you don’t have to quit your current job to get going.  That’s why I still work….I need the money from it!

But the future is looking brighter!  Contact me if you want more information.




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