Why do people not like Network Marketing?

This always makes me confused, because network marketing is the most affordable way to start your own business, and then become the most profitable.

Done properly, these programs are not pyramid schemes.  They have to have sales of products to be successful, just like any other business —  Walmart, Apple, Ford, etc.

And lots of people in the world make commissions from sales in the companies in which they work…just like network marketing works.

But unlike years ago, you don’t need to have parties, bother your friends or family, or use the mail system to find customers.

The internet gives you multiple advertising options, lots of them relatively inexpensive, and very useful in finding customers.

Yet, most people who join these programs end up doing nothing.  They just take a look around and leave.

Makes you wonder why they even sign up at all.

Proper network marketing is not get rich quick;  it allows all us to start our own business and earn some income from home, or wherever we might want to be.

It works 100% of the time, if you embrace the concept.

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