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The business of earning Versa Points to get paid.

Versa Points earned today:   14

Versa Points earned this month:  6696

My current rank:  Silver Team Leader

PSA Team Members on my first level who achieved higher ranks:

1 Silver Team Leader

1 Bronze Team Leader

4 Executive Affiliates

CSA Team Members on my first level who achieved higher ranks:

2 Bronze Team Leaders


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Swiss Gold Global


The world of cryptocurrency mining is exploding across the internet, as well as trading in digital currency.

The problem with buying bitcoin, or other alt coins, is that your investment is subject to the ups and downs of the value of the coins…based on whatever people think about what might happen.

Their value can be  changed instantly by one comment from someone anywhere around the world.

When you mine Bitcoin, you earn daily.  It does not matter what the value is, you still earn.  The amount you earn will change based on the value of the coin against the US dollar, and some other factors, but you will earn.

Swiss Gold will pay the amount earned directly to your wallet when a certain threshold is reached.  But it has been consistent ever since I started.

They also have a gold and silver savings program, and they have training videos, weekly updates from the owner, and a great Facebook group as well.

They have been around since 2008, so are almost 10 years of helping people hedge their assets against inflation with gold and silver, and now, they do mining of cryptocurrencies.

When you join, you need to send them an ID documentation, like a national ID card or drivers license.  That takes about 24 hours to approve, and then you get access to the whole site.

Mining contracts start at $35 per month, so it is a great way for someone who does not have a lot of cash to get started and see how it works.

Click Swiss Gold now to find out even more.





Forever Shares


Did you think the revshare world was dead?  Not so!  Unlike the traditional model, these ad packages never expire on you.

ForeverShares – Not Hourly, Not Daily, WE PAY YOU INSTANTLY!

Time To Keep ALL That You Earn With Our Unique Never Expiring Banner Ad Share Packages!

That is what the have on their signup page, and it is true.  I get paid every day!

Advertise your banners on their site for life!!!

Check it out here today!



Build your list and team in SFI

home business

Once you sign up with SFI, your main job has 2 functions really.  Earn as many Versa Points as you can every month,  and get people to signup to your team.

Signing up is free.  Earning Versa Points is free in some cases, and in others you can earn them by making a purchase.

Getting people to sign up?  That is a real stumbling block, but SFI will help.  They have different ways to get signups so you have don’t have to do it yourself.

We can help with that, but showing all the options available.

Plus when you start building your SFI list, you can email them about SFI any time you like.

Want more information?

Sign up here.  Provide SFI with a valid email address (gmail is best) and you could win $250!

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